Our work is made of rigorous processes, accurate checks and a great deal of manual skill.
Our work means exalting the beauty of the items we treat.

We do this by checking every piece before machining,
to monitor the process from the very start.

We do this by treating the material immediately from the post-forming stage
to achieve the best possible quality.

This is all done at our factory, with skilled staff, who believe
in the value of the company and work to make it grow every day.

We do this at our own workshop which is engaged in experimental and testing activities.

We do this by believing in the value of transparency and hospitality
and opening our doors to our customers to find the best solutions together.

We do this with passion, combining creativity, quality, research and sustainability.

We work your accessories from the very first post-forming stages, because the quality of the galvanic treatment depends on the preparation of the material. From deburring to eliminate pores, oxidation and residual material, to polishing to create mirror surfaces.

Galvanic plating is not only a matter of chemistry but is made of a great deal of experience and attention to detail. Each layer adds value and quality to the accessory and provides resistance to oxidizing agents and to environmental tests required by current regulations.

Satin finishes and nuances are made manually by skilled craftsmen, who create refined and always replicable finishes and details. Our goldsmith tradition is an essential added value of our know-how.

We certify the plating thickness and shade of each production batch to be in accordance with brand specifications. Each step is traceable and replicable.


Our style office is the place for experimentation. Here we study the finishes that best suit the shapes of your projects, in a search of a new aesthetics of form.

Here we search for and create matches between our finishes and fabrics and leathers from the finest makers in the area: style ideas to draw inspiration to imagine further.

Bedin Galvanica
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