Sustainability is a cornerstone and essential value for the growth and development of our company, even before being a regulatory obligation. The ethical approach is part of the Management's mindset, family culture, and HR shared values.
We consider quality, sustainability, and respect for the territory to be non-negotiable and essential values to follow our vision of growth.


Since its inception, BEDIN has promoted engagement policies for everyone, raising the concept of equality in individual growth opportunities in everyday work practice.

Continuous training is an important part: from soft skills to technical skills, from effective communication to lean process management. This is combined with team building activities and a remuneration policy based on involvement for objectives.

We take care of the workplace, so that the environment is healthy, and people are safe. Safety training and accident prevention is constant.

We are loyal, to our customers and to our suppliers. That's why we can establish lasting relationships based on trust and mutual esteem. We do this by believing in the value of transparency and hospitality, opening our doors to find the best solutions together.

We are always ready to meet new talents and dialogue with schools, universities, associations, and organisations for projects aimed at sustainability and Italian know-how.


BEDIN's production site is located between the headquarters of the ARPAV environmental protection agency and a 24-hectare WWF reserve, the Casale Stagno Oasis, one of the few natural wetlands in the Vicenza plain, a natural paradise of the utmost importance, a daily reminder for the protection of the ecosystem.

For this reason too, BEDIN is committed every day to respecting the surrounding environment.

It does so by constantly adapting its complex industrial structure to the most restrictive current parameters through production processes and technologies based on sustainability, circular economy, and business ethics criteria.

The choice of green solutions such as adiabatic cooling and emission reduction systems allows us to be eco-sustainable by reducing the release of substances into the environment to levels well below the limits imposed.

The significant use of electricity necessary for production needs has led the company to install a photovoltaic system on the roof.

Recycling is also of fundamental importance: two water treatment plants allow a saving of over 400,000 litres per day from the process phases.


From assembly to the galvanic finishing and packaging, BEDIN processes 70,000 pieces a day, all done entirely by hand.

About 80% of the value of galvanic finishing is made up of precious material that is 100% recycled thanks to the choice of suppliers included in the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) Supply Chain. Suppliers go through two-tier selection as they have to comply with the virtuous circuit of the PRSL and MSRL List (Permitted Manufacturing or Restricted Substance List), which is the result of the strong awareness of Greenpeace to ensure that no toxic substances are contained in the products offered to our end consumers.

BEDIN is also committed to some important process innovation projects among its R&D activities to obtain galvanic coatings adapted to the technical and aesthetic characteristics of high fashion accessories aligned with the concepts of eco- and bio-compatibility required today.
The only way forward is to embrace change and reinvent ourselves.