In 2012, we obtained Integrated Company Management System Certification from an accredited body.
QUALITY in all processes, SAFETY and HEALTH of workers, and respect for the ENVIRONMENT.
The organisation of our system allows us to simultaneously improve company performance,
the environmental effects of our business and the management of health and safety at work.

Bedin Galvanica - Certificazioni ISO:9001

Business performance

Bedin Galvanica - ISO:14001



Occupational Health
and Risk Management Certification


Our experience allows us to make the best use of all the resources offered by new technologies. Our barrel and rack production lines are complete with systems that enable process visualization and data analysis.

Since 2018, we are an Industry 4.0 company


Every product has a story of its own. And TFashion traceability tells it.
It is easy to say “Made in Italy”.

But we can prove it with the certificate of conformity for production processes issued by UNIONFILIERE, which has been created to further qualify and promote the products of the Gold and Fashion supply chains,
guaranteeing that they are “100% Made in Italy”.
The certification ensures maximum transparency for consumers with regard to where the key stages of the production process are carried out and to the main product characteristics in terms of safety, environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.


The drafting of a company quality policy is an important and obligatory step for companies that want to stand out on the contemporary scene. Our policy is the result of an in-depth analysis of the company, of its strengths and market opportunities, to define the guidelines of our daily work.