The concepts of industrial automation and Industry 4.0 go hand in hand. Achieving full control of industrial machinery by means of automation, which is becoming increasingly autonomous thanks to technological advances and the ability to be updated, best captures the concept of Industry 4.0. This is also true at Bedin Galvanica.

Even before the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution, Bedin Galvanica has always invested heavily in automating production processes with a forward-looking strategy. In fact, the entire barrel plating production department has been designed, developed and built according to the most modern automation technologies. This system consists of barrels operated automatically within a series of tanks and allows real-time monitoring of all operating parameters, ensuring the traceability of processing times for each batch and in each tank.

Bedin Galvanica has gained above all in terms of quality from this industrial innovation. Artificial intelligence and automation allow achieving levels of excellence in the products made, with minimum rejects of defective products, a drastic reduction in reworking and increased precision at every stage of the process. Therefore, this is yet a further guarantee of the quality, reliability and efficiency of the products that our customers purchase. Moreover, automatic tracking of processes has led to a review of operating and finishing processes in the barrel plating department, resulting in an overhaul in terms of timing, rationale and production sequences.

The second benefit regards time. Advanced robotic automation and especially Industry 4.0 have allowed Bedin Galvanica to drastically cut the time needed to finish a product made using barrel plating. This means an economic as well as strategic advantage. The greater output in the same amount of time has made it possible for Bedin Galvanica to target new markets and new demand to be met, increasing the number of loyal customers and recording steadily growing revenue. Apart from the initial expenditure incurred to purchase the machinery and robots, industrial automation on Bedin Galvanica’s barrel plating production line has cut processing costs compared to previous production methods, with more careful monitoring of periodic costs for the addition of precious metals, maintenance and electricity.