Corrosion as you’ve never seen it before

Decorative corrosion: an ode to time and to the power of transformation in nature

The influence of nature and its elements, the earth and its never-ending evolution, mark the appearance of surfaces.

This is what fashion aims for, altering materials, fabrics, leathers and accessories. It takes inspiration from the uniqueness of the imperfections of natural processes and is stimulated by a non-conformist taste for irregularity.

Why choose Bedin?

To keep up with trends, or better yet to set them.
Because BEDIN can offer a different stylistic perspective to create beauty in the electroplating of unpolished surfaces.

Only with experience and a deep knowledge of shapes and their reactions can procedures be mastered, to create a finish that enhances surfaces with an approach that is absolutely out of the ordinary.

For a new aesthetic version of your accessory.

METALTERA speaks the language of transformation, surrounds and transfigures in an inventive wave, and shapes a personalised beauty, born of the clash of materials, colours and depths.
Guaranteed by an industrialised and tested electroplating process that is capable of handling high production volumes and delivering unique, durable, valuable results.