Maxi, over, total, chain. It’s trending right away.

Gilded, vintage, overlapping, classic, sophisticated, flat, intertwined… Shapes become the    protagonists, enaching clothing, accessories, and footwear. Exaggerating (style) is the watchword. Lightness (weight) is a must.
Using materials like aluminium. Masterly electroplated, in beauty baths

Why choose Bedin?
For its profound experience and specialisation in handling the different metals used in the production of fashion accessories such as brass, zamak, iron, silver, stainless steel and, last but not least, aluminium.

The working method applied to BEDIN’s technological systems ensures the management of aluminium processing with minimal waste.
The performance in terms of quantity and quality of such a complex type of plating has been optimised and its vast experience in electroplating is now an essential component of the know-how that BEDIN can provide.

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