iMet, the technology that was missing.

Palladium is the precious metal most widely used as a substrate to ensure high standards of galvanic protection for all metal items in the world of fashion.
Its sharp increase in value has led to a significant economic challenge that has prompted research and development efforts aimed at alternative, innovative solutions.

Why choose BEDIN?
Bedin is committed to the research and development of new processes. That is why it was chosen by a qualified partner like Valmet, because it is able to test the innovative features of the iMet bath.
Bedin has tested and industrialised the process and can handle high volumes of galvanic production.
Bedin offers a revolutionary, innovative, cost-effective, and eco-friendly galvanic process.

iMet is a type of plating that ensures great resistance and durability of the surfaces on which it is applied. It is the best alternative to a Palladium substrate: it offers the same durability, at a much lower cost.

These are the features of this extremely innovative process.

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