Bedin Galvanica is the first winner of the Radici Future 2030 Championship

Bedin Galvanica is the first winner of the Radici Future 2030 Championship

BEDIN is the winner of the first Radici Future 2030 (Future Roots 2030), the contest included in the festival of sustainability, circular economy and corporate ethics.

The 22 companies were selected by a Technical Scientific Committee formed by Giorgio Santini, president of AsVess (Veneto Association for Sustainable Development), Elena Donazzan, Regional Councillor for Education and Training, and Professor Elena Claire Ricci, a researcher at the Department of Business Economics at the University of Verona. It is within the framework of the University of Verona that the analysis tool with which the contest winners were identified was created, based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

Sustainability, circular economy, and corporate ethics were the three starting issues that the Championship was tasked with investigating.

The Scientific Committee appreciated the BEDIN's multidimensional approach to sustainability, its ability to grasp the multifaceted nature of sustainability, which is not limited to mere process optimization, but goes beyond, generating social value locally.
In particular, it was appreciated for its initiatives with impacts on the environment in terms of pollution as well as on biodiversity and climate and on social aspects - the deep-rooted gender equality in the company, employee relations and social inclusion - and for its commitment to the search for innovative solutions in production processes, its attention to the local territory in which they are carried out and for having a system for monitoring its sustainability performance.

"We have always believed that companies in Vicenza are very sensitive to the issues of sustainability, circular economy and business ethics," says Andrea Visentin, one of the creators of the Radici Future 2030 Festival. “This second edition of Radici Future confirms this. We knew that several companies had many valuable projects that had not yet been told, and that is why we thought of a Championship, with a twofold objective: first, that the companies, stimulated by this opportunity, could perform an internal review, and second, that through the logic of competition, they would identify the best-performing aspects that could make them win and be recognised as trailblazers and role models. Realising that it is not easy to assess sustainability, we relied on a panel of judges composed of academics, politicians, and experts in the field. The number of entries we received confirms that we had the right idea, that companies are eager to tell their stories, and that this is the way forward for the future as well with a new edition of the Championship”.

Stefania Bedin, Owner - Marketing & Finance of Bedin Galvanica, upon receiving the award said, "Thank you for this award which I consider a recognition for all the women and men at BEDIN. The decision to participate in Radici Future was dictated by the great similarity between the quality of the project and the company's philosophy. It is a philosophy that, at BEDIN, has not only been embraced in recent years and is not aimed at capturing visibility and new markets. Rather, it is the result of a long-standing, permanent and never challenged will. Being sustainable, in our view, does not mean having a label that comes after a training period, as if it were a quality certification.

It is indeed through work understood as value, research, innovation that respects and benefits the environment, the nurturing of talent, the acquisition of skills always in line with the needs of the context in which we operate and absolutely without distinction of gender that BEDIN operates as a company. As an entrepreneur and as a woman, I hope that we will continue with this and many other initiatives that can help chart and define a lasting and tangible culture of sustainability”.

“Radici Future 2030”
The 2022 edition of the "Radici Future 2030" festival is a project of Confindustria Vicenza, with the contribution of the Vicenza Chamber of Commerce, under the patronage of the Department of Business Administration of the University of Verona, the Veneto Region, the Province of Vicenza, the Municipality of Bassano del Grappa, AsVess-Veneto Association for Sustainable Development and Earth Day Italy, in collaboration with Villa Rezzonico, Pallades and Operaestate.

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