Veneto Buygreen Award – 2020 Edition

"To generate a virtuous circuit, triggered by a process of mental and material improvement, for the benefit of ALL, are the motivations that led me to participate in the 4th Edition of the Compraverde Veneto Award.”
The recent investments in healthy, ecological, and innovative systems are proof that last year’s award was not an objective but a milestone along the path.
In a production sector such as ours where implementing environmental sustainability is not something to be taken for granted and is rather complex, the special mention received - Best Process category - is the best evidence that at BEDIN Galvanica the constant search for green improvements is an essential element for the company."
This is what Stefania Bedin said in Venice on the occasion of the awarding of the Buygreen 2020 Award, received for the second year in a row.
The key innovation compared to the reasons for last year’s award ceremony was the installation of a 116-square-metre photovoltaic system and 11 adiabatic systems. Unlike traditional air conditioners, the amount of electricity used in adiabatic cooling is minimal and is based on a natural process that provides cooling without the need for any chemical or liquid coolant.
Here are some data:
47+ 50 +150 sqm of containment basins
8 purification systems
400,000 litres/day of water from the public waterworks saved
48,000 litres/hour of closed-circuit purified demineralised water
120,000 kg/month of wastewater collected and disposed of as liquid waste
120 kWh of electricity saved with natural gas galvanic bath heating and LED lights.
70,000 m3/hour of indoor air changes suction and noise impact reduction with a soundproof booth
Advanced air emissions abatement systems with limits imposed by the adjacent nature reserve
Hazardous substances on the PRSL MSRL List are not used
Employee training: toxic gas and ADR licence, cyanide management and extra accident prevention.