Sustainable fashion

The short life cycle of products in the fashion industry, because of rapidly changing trends, has always resulted in the accumulation of huge amounts of often non-biodegradable waste. For this reason, the fashion industry has engaged the entire supply chain in an effort to offer consumers “cleaner” products.

At Bedin Galvanica, sustainability is not just a market requirement, but a commitment to environmental and social responsibility that goes well beyond fashion and becomes a value on which our identify is founded. This sensitivity has led the company to take action in the processes and production technologies used, by adopting the most stringent regulations for the protection of the environment and people.

Very high standards of sustainability are also expected from the suppliers involved, thus becoming part of the virtuous circuit of the PRSL (Product Restricted Substances List) and MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substances List), which were created thanks to the commitment of Greenpeace to ensure that products offered to end consumers are free of toxic substances.

Bedin Galvanica’s commitment is guaranteed by the consolidated collaboration with major brands in the fashion industry, which, through extremely detailed specifications and environmental audits, rely exclusively on sustainable suppliers, to make sure that the concentration of toxic substances in galvanic finishes is always within acceptable ranges.