Fresh air at BEDIN

Sustainability for Bedin means respect for the environment, as well as respect and protection of the people who work with us. Every action and every investment are made bearing these principles in mind.
This is why we have chosen evaporative, i.e., adiabatic, cooling, which currently represents the most affordable and ecological solution for cooling and changing the air in industrial environments.

Using water only and very little electricity, these coolers are able to mitigate the internal temperature of the work premises by 7°-10° without the use of refrigerant gas.
The operating concept of evaporative cooling is completely natural, like the feeling of cool you experience when you are exposed to a breeze.

The more conventional air conditioning solutions cannot be implemented due to the large amount of dust that is lifted and because they involve substantial energy consumption. Choosing adiabatic cooling for our plant has allowed us to save resources and energy, and to make people gain in working quality and health!

Number of units: 11 units in all, 5 on the ground floor and 6 on the first floor.

Water: maximum 35 l/h per unit; Electricity: 0.85 kW per unit, absorbed by the fan and a small water recirculation pump in the unit. The machine is equipped with an inverter.
Based on a preliminary study with traditional freon air conditioning systems, our electricity requirement was estimated at 70 kW. With the adiabatic system, the overall power requirement has been cut to 9.35 kW.
At our plant: (0.85/2) x 11 units x 12 hours/day x 5 days/week x 17 weeks/season = 4769 kWh.

A truly green and high-performance result!