Women Value Company

Women Value Company

After a selection among 2500 Italian companies, BEDIN was among the 90 finalists of the 4th edition of the "Women Value Company - Intesa Sanpaolo Award for the Fostering of Female Talent and Gender Equality as a strategic lever for competitive companies," born from the collaboration between the Marisa Bellisario Foundation and the Intesa Sanpaolo Group.

This accolade is dedicated to those SMEs that stand out for their management of gender diversity, through innovative and inclusive development policies, fostering of women's careers and effective corporate welfare solutions.

"It is a huge satisfaction and an honour for our company to have achieved this goal,” says Stefania BEDIN, Head of Marketing & Finance and promoter of inclusive policies and fostering of women's work in the company. “It is an accolade that is the result of teamwork, as I often love to repeat. We have always favoured these policies that I myself, as an entrepreneur, a woman, and a mother, have always considered fundamental for the professional growth of my female staff. It was therefore natural, over the years, to identify good practices, beyond the mere application of the rules, the result of a daily exchange with each of them."

And here are the good practices: flexible working, smart working, extension of leave to take care of family members, dedicated career paths and training, professional development through coaching activities and targeted post-natal reintegration programmes as well as a constant involvement in charity events related to the local culture or relating to the sustainability issue.

These are the cornerstones that make the issue of gender equality or rather gender balance something tangible at BEDIN.

Naturally, since more than 50% of our employees are women, development policies affect them in particular. But everyone can benefit. Somehow equality has no gender, and the entire team supports each other, rejoices when there is the announcement of a pregnancy, is committed when a colleague is away on leave, and supports mutual growth.

At a company with an artisan vocation as is BEDIN, with 30 female employees out of 54, where competence is fundamental and is acquired over the years, having an extremely low turnover means being able to plan the company's growth and development.

We are therefore proud to have seen our first employee retire after 45 years at the company. We interpret it as an indicator of possible well-being if there is cohesion and mutual listening.

The company can grow if the team grows and this is our greatest achievement.